MSP Apps Increasingly Dial the iPhone

RIM's Blackberry remains the phone of choice for many corporate executives, but the iPhone's App Store and Safari web browser make it worth a second look for business. And increasingly, MSPs are finding they can't ignore the iPhone.

"The iPhone operating system is years ahead of the Blackberry OS and the plethora of apps that are available allow me to customize my user experience," says Scott Spiro, a big iPhone proponent and the president and CEO of Computer Solutions Group, Inc.

Plenty of MSP-oriented applications have been marching toward the iPhone. There's LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99), a remote desktop client that can control Windows and OS X hosts; and WinAdmin (normally $11.99, on sale for $7.99 this week only -- search the App Store for "WinAdmin"), which lets you log into Windows servers using Microsoft's own remote desktop protocol.

Autotask LiveMobile brings Autotask's services to the iPhone--and any other phone with a browser--in the form of a mobile-formatted website. Bob Vogel, Autotask's chief marketing officer, says a native Autotask application is coming to the iPhone App Store some time this winter.

Meanwhile, ConnectWise Mobile for the iPhone is in alpha now and due out in December, according to CEO Arnie Bellini's own email signature. ConnectWise Mobile is already tested an certified for a range of mobile devices from AT&T, Sprint/Nextel and Verizon, among others.

If you use Kaseya, their iPhone Service Desk app is under development -- though an exact ship date has yet to be announced, according to Jim Alves, executive VP of marketing. Alves demonstrated Kaseya on the iPhone in May 2009.

Among other noteworthy apss: Spiro says he uses RSS reader NetNewsWire and Amazon Kindle for iPhone (both free) to stay informed while he's not in front of his computer, and Evernote (Free) and OmniFocus ($19.99) to keep his life organized and synced across platforms.

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