Viral Marketing for Managed Services

Considering the popularity of YouTube, it's hardly surprising that many managed service providers are making videos in a bid to market their companies virally.

Check out these clips from three MSPs -- Logicalis, Info Support and IT Vizion. Sure, they're marketing pieces. But the messages are pretty clear and frequently concise, and the companies come off as true managed services experts.

This second clip, from Info Support, is a bit tech-heavy as it opens. But gradually, it does a good job of explaining managed email services.

This third example, from IT Vizion, shows how even a small managed service provider can generate positive buzz about its services on the Web. 

Many technology companies and MSPs errantly anchor their content to a specific company Web site. For instance, they choose to post the clip only on their Web site or on a vendor's Web site.

But by posting it to YouTube with the most appropriate tags (including company name and contact info),  an MSP can vastly raise its visibility and improve its search rankings on the Web.

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