StillSecure Cloud SMS: The Inside Scoop

StillSecure is striving to get a new cloud security monitoring service (Cloud SMS) into the hands of as manage businesses as possible. How? StillSecure Chief Technology Officer James Brown fills in the blanks.

"The basic idea is that customers can now manage their own firewall and make sure their servers are configured properly," Brown said. "You can see if you have too much traffic, and you can find out what the cause of that traffic is. Are you under attack? You can slice your data to see what has changed in a particular week. You can find out how your traffic has changed over time."

Brown said not to think of the solution as a sure-fire way to know when your network is under attack. Instead, think of it as more of an indicator of abnormal network behavior that prompts you to check your system and make sure that an increase in traffic is due to demand, not due to an attack.

StillSecure claims Cloud SMS is a low-cost, highly automated, easy-to-use solution that took less than four months to build because the company already had security expertise in place. Partnerships with, Peak 10 and ViaWest were a natural progression of building Cloud SMS. StillSecure recognized the need for distribution partners ahead of time and began discussions with the above companies while Cloud SMS was being developed.

Next up for StillSecure? "We're building a deeper offering and will be releasing some premium services," Brown said. No specifics to report yet. Stay tuned.

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