nanoRep: Further Automating Help Desks and Service Desks?

nanoRep: Further Automating Help Desks and Service Desks?

The recent trend among help desk providers has been to leverage social media to make it easier for customers and representatives to connect. But nanoRep, an emerging help desk specialist, hopes to further automate help desks and service desks through the use of a support widget.

nanoRep’ believes emails and live chats cost about $10 per session, and a phone call with a support representative can cost about $33 per person. So nanoRep has pledged to eliminate support ticketing up to 92 percent. Instead, the company will use a support widget that follows customers through each page of their sites to either give an instant, accurate answer or push the question through its own ticketing system. nanoRep claims that its widget is scalable, self-learning and doubles as a sales tool to increase conversion rates.

Here's how it works:

Clients use nanoRep's solution to input their FAQ into a knowledge base. Each customer question will have a response provided by a support rep, and those answers will be spread across email, live chats  and any other social platforms that end-customers prefer. According to nanoRep, the knowledge base will hold accurate answers for up to 92 percent of customer questions within three months of its implementation, and customers won't have to search through FAQ topics for answers.

"It doesn't matter how detailed your website is," said nanoRep CEO Doron Herzlich. "If customers don't find the information they're looking for in seconds -- whether it's sales or support related -- they're gone. nanoRep was designed to answer customers' questions instantly and accurately, minimizing support costs and converting site visitors into paying customers for startups and enterprises alike."

nanoRep has an offering for small businesses and for enterprises. Each one is priced as follows...

Small Business:

  • Basic: $199/Month
  • Premium: $399/Month
  • Professional: $990/Month
Enterprise: Pricing varies based on number of clients being supported.

No doubt, MSPmentor sees growing competition and innovation in the help desk and service desk markets for MSPs. Earlier this month Zendesk launched an Enterprise Zendesk Plan. And Nimsoft has been building a service desk software business for MSPs to leverage. Plus, NTRglobal is gaining momentum as a chat and remote support platform for MSPs.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.
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