N-able CEO Connects With MSP Alliance

N-able CEO Connects With MSP Alliance

Gavin Garbutt N-ableGavin Garbutt, CEO of N-able Technologies, is on a role. Last week, he strolled around N-able's Ottawa offices displaying an award from Deloitte, ranking N-able among the 500 fastest growing companies in North America. Now, he's been named the first executive member of the MSP Alliance’s (MSPA) new Vendor Advisory Board. But what does the working relationship between N-able and MSP Alliance mean to other platform providers?

According to MSP Alliance’s Founder and President Charles Weaver, the Vendor Advisory Board will strive to advance the managed services industry on a worldwide basis and serve as an advocate for best practices. Executive board members will also work together to address and resolve vendor-specific issues related to creating technical standards, supporting the global MSP profession, and improving relationships between vendors and MSPs.

The connection between MSP Alliance and N-able is one worth watching. I sent a quick note to MSP Alliance's Weaver and N-able's Garbutt posing the following questions:

  1. Who else is eligible to join the board and when can we expect new announcements?
  2. Is N-able's work with MSP Alliance similar to Level Platforms' work with MSP Partners?
  3. Since both MSP Alliance and MSP Partners are working to grow the industry, can we expect the two organizations to work more closely together?
As soon as I hear back from Garbutt and Weaver, MSPmentor will be sure to post an update.
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