MSPMentor 100: Business Vitals Moving Up and Out

MSPMentor 100: Business Vitals Moving Up and Out

Business Vitals, Number 39 in our MSPmentor 100 report for 2010, provides outsourced IT solutions, among a plethora of other services like disaster recovery. So what's new with the South Carolina-based company? I spoke to CEO Jeff Brewer on Business Vitals' vitality. Here's a recap.

Despite the economy, Business Vitals is having a "stellar" year, Brewer says. Two to three of customers faced some economic challenges, but Business Vitals has "recovered nicely" from those momentary hiccups. He predicts Business Vitals' revenues will be even or better than 2010, though he declined to break out specific figures.

Next Moves

And what's new? Brewer says the company is making significant capital investments and expanding the Business Vitals data center. The center will be a command bridge environment, staffed 24/7 to monitor and respond to customer requests. The 5,000-square-foot facility is strictly for MSP customers, and Business Vitals has no plans to become a peer hosting company.

Brewer thinks that with this expansion, which he noted was a capital expense at nearly $1.25 million, is part of the reason why Business Vitals has an edge over their competitors. "Our customer support and responsiveness is far superior...our expanded data center footprint [achieves] a level of redundancy that does not exist in the state of South Carolina," he asserts.

Currently, Brewer details that Business Vitals has two positions open that they're looking to fill shortly, along with a new customer win of about 20 pharmacy locations that need to outsource their IT.

Brewer also had a few words on the state of cloud computing and their offering today...
"It requires a multi-part solution and service model and we think we offer that. We think we're better at it because...we've doing it since 1998. [And] the model isn't new. The cloud computing label is really just a repeat of what's been going on since SaaS and ASP."

Lighter Moments

When he's not busy pursuing new business, Brewer is busy polishing his sales expertise. He just finished reading The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. Brewer says the biggest theme he derived from the book was to educate customers as objectively as possible so they can make informed choices, which hopefully, will include your own business.

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