'Modern' SMB Marketing: Easier Said Than Done

How are small and midsize businesses (SMBs) spending their marketing and advertising dollars? BIA/Kelsey has some answers. The Company says the typical SMB now uses nearly 5 different forms of media for advertising and marketing, nearly double from 2009. And yes: MSPs may be able to help SMB customers with this changing advertising and marketing landscape. Here's how.

BIA/Kelsey is running a whole conference around the topic. Without endorsing or promoting any particular set of research or conference, I thought it would be interesting for MSPs with a SMB clientele to see some of the specific subjects that will be discussed at this event.

Ads Go Mobile

Advertising is increasingly going mobile, as more and more consumers are living their lives in an "always connected" mode via mobile device. A recent survey from Prosper Insights indicates seven in 10 smartphone/tablet owners pay attention to mobile ads while downloading apps and music either regularly or occasionally. Predictably, SMBs are looking to get in on the action.

Enabling ads and other internet content for mobile access, and then managing and updating that content, is not a simple task. If an MSP can turn that process into a reasonably priced hosted service, they will probably find some willing SMB customers.

Location, Location, Location

Another very hot mobile marketing topic is location-based services, or content and services delivered to a mobile user based on their precise location. This could mean a discount sent to a consumer’s smartphone as they pass a store or notification that a friend is having a drink at a nearby café.

About 40% of smartphone owners use location-based applications, according to a spring 2011 study from White Horse. That’s a lot of potential clients for SMBs, especially in the retail and hospitality business, not many of whom have the in-house resources to manage such a technologically sophisticated enterprise. Maybe you could manage it for them.

Location, Location, Location Part 2

Localized advertising does not only occur on mobile devices. Users on fixed PCs can also receive targeted ads, offers and services based on their location. While not as immediate as mobile location-based services, local display ads still offer SMBs a way to pinpoint their marketing messages to users in the best position to act upon them. Help make it happen.

These are just a few modern marketing challenges that MSPs can help SMBs turn into opportunities. The world is going digital and mobile, will you help lead the way or simply be a follower?
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