Mformation: Catching On for Mobile Managed Services?

Mformation Technology, Inc. has another MSP hooked on its Mformation Enterprise Manager. This time it’s ISEC7, a managed mobility service provider, that’s using the Mformation Service Manager to enhance its cloud-based mobile device manager (MDM).

So what’s new for ISEC7 clients? The Mformation Enterprise Manager gives ISEC7 users a secure and customizable management network through which clients’ IT managers can directly control the headsets of all employees. Users will also gain access to a central portal to manage many devices and applications at once. Android, Apple iOS 4, Window 7 and Windows Phone 7 operating systems are compatible with the Mformation Enterprise Manager and ISEC7’s mobile device management offering.

According to ISEC7 USA President Michael Brandt, ISEC7 chose the Mformation Enterprise Manager for three specific reasons:

  1. It can support several mobile operating systems and still has enough depth to perform other IT device management tasks.
  2. It can be scaled up to support thousands of large enterprise and corporation clients.
  3. It carries a large set of APIs that lets ISEC7 integrate its mobile device management solution into its IT service management framework.
Mformation introduced the Enterprise Manager back in May 2011, specifically for large-scale managed service providers like ISEC7. We’ll be catching up with Mformation in the next week to learn how the manager service provider market is reacting to the Mformation Enterprise Manager.
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