Many MSPs Still Lack Solutions for Backup and Recovery

While half of MSPs are planning to offer an offsite backup and recovery solution, the majority have not taken steps to support their plans, according to a recent informal survey conducted by Modular Data Protection Services (DPS) Inc, a company that works with cloud data protection. Modular DPS surveyed resellers of Intel AppUp Small Business Service from  Intel Corp.

After surveying a range of MSPs, Modular DPS  found that remote monitoring and management services was the first most popular focus area for MSPs (55.6 percent). Disaster recovery and business continuity planning came in second with 44.4 percent, while offsite data backup and recovery services placed in third with 42.1 percent.

Also, out of the 50 percent of MSPs that offer disaster recovery and business continuity planning services, only 26.3 percent of them also offer offsite data backup and recovery services. A statistic of this measures leaves us with questions. What does that means for today's market, and how does that affect MSPs as a whole?

Modular DPS has introduced the Modular 360 Partner Program, which provides partners and their customers with a turnkey data protection solution that combines the necessary data protection software, materials, service document templates, and ongoing support. The solution also includes access to the Intel AppUp Small Business Service, which runs on the Intel Hybrid Cloud Platform.

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