FusionStorm IT Xpress Cloud Gets Cozier With VMware

FusionStorm, which promotes cloud services and managed services, is building closer ties to VMware. The latest example: FusionStorm's IT Xpress Cloud is now recognized as a a vCloud Powered Service.

FusionStorm unveiled the IT Xpress Cloud in February 2011. The platform offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to customers. The cloud effort builds upon FusionStorm's IT Xpress hosted solutions, which the company has offered since 2005. The IT Xpress Cloud is part of FusionStorm's greater "Cloud Anywhere" program, through which the company delivers cloud solutions in client data centers or in FusionStorm-hosted environments.

FusionStorm Chief Technology Officer Vince Conroy described the company's overall managed services and cloud services strategy in an MSPmentor FastChat Video earlier this year:

Meanwhile, FusionStorm has a longstanding partnership with VMware. FusionStorm is a member of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Partner Network, meaning the company is authorized to sell the full scope of the VMware product line. FusionStorm also works closely with Cisco Systems on the cloud and managed services fronts.

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