CommVault Scores as Leading MSP Chooses Simpana 9

CommVault Scores as Leading MSP Chooses Simpana 9

CommVault Company LogoBackup software provider CommVault has reeled-in another strategic customer. IT-Lifeline, a well-known business recovery service provider, has chosen to use CommVault Simpana 9 Software to support its new BLACKCLOUD Edge cloud-based disaster recovery service that is designed to help SMBs buy, deploy and use IT disaster recovery services.

The Simpana 9 software includes data management, virtual server protection, information governance and data reduction solutions among several other features that are specifically designed for the government and healthcare verticals. It also carries enterprise applications from Oracle, SAP and Sybase, includes Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server, and supports Microsoft, Linux, Novell, UNIX and VMware.

One of the biggest reasons why IT-Lifeline decided to go with Simpana is Simpana's integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to CommVault, the integration gives customers a disaster recovery cloud solution that costs 50 percent less compared to traditional disaster recovery services.

But the savings for users of IT-LifeLine's new BLACKCLOUD Edge solution doesn't stop there. IT-Lifeline will be able to reduce administrative costs and provide heightened data security and compliance features because of Simpana's single-platform data management, the companies claim. So its own savings will trickle down to BLACKCLOUD Edge end-users, according to IT-Lifeline, which has high hopes for its Simpana-integrated cloud disaster recovery solution. IT-Lifeline predicts that BLACKCLOUD Edge will become its fastest growing service and double the overall size of its business by the beginning of 2014.

The IT-Lifeline win is the punctuation mark at the end  of a most successful calendar year for CommVault. The company reported a record 18 percent revenue spike during Q3 in February 2011, and then launched the CommVault PartnerAdvantage Service Provider Program in North America in August 2011.

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