Cleversafe, Mezeo Partner on Secure File Sync/Share Solution

Cleversafe, Mezeo Partner on Secure File Sync/Share Solution

Managed security services vendors should take note of a new secure, cloud-based file sync/share solution jointly provided by data storage technology specialist Cleversafe and cloud-scale storage solutions vendor Mezeo Software. The application is designed to allow secure, reliable, anytime/anywhere access to data stored behind private firewalls.

The solution combines enterprise-class sync and share applications from Mezeo with the Cleversafe dsNet storage system. Users have anytime, anywhere access from smartphones, tablets, desktops and web browsers, and to ensure security Mezeo software integrates with LDAP, Active Directory or any PAM-supported authentication, utilizes encryption and offers compliance level auditing.

According to the vendors, a need for heightened security in this age of employees routinely using personal devices to access even the most sensitive corporate data drove the decision to create a secure file sync/share solution. To strengthen security of data being stored and shared even further, the dsNet system uses information dispersal algorithms and encryptions to virtualize and distribute data across a network of self-healing, self-managed storage nodes. Even if data subsets become compromised, Cleversafe says dsNet still ensures overall data security.

Making Security Efficient and Affordable
The IT providers say this model ensures data reliability and availability without the costs associated with redundancy and overhead often found with traditional redundant array of independent disks (RAID) and replication data storage/sharing methods.

In addition, by using a cloud model, Cleversafe and Mezeo hope to make the solution as efficient, flexible and accessible as possible while still providing maximum security. Especially where BYOD is often used by organizations as a way to reduce the costs of developing and maintaining enterprise devices and infrastructure, creating a cloud repository for sharing and storing corporate data makes sense.

The MSP Option
While users of this solution have the option of internally deploying and hosting it, Cleversafe and Mezeo are also making it available through third-party managed services vendors. MSPs with a security specialty would do well to add this solution to their arsenal for several reasons.

First, any company engaging in BYOD is obviously already open to the idea of third-parties having access to their corporate data and systems. In addition, most cloud environments are remotely hosted; again meaning a company interested in a cloud solution is likely receptive to the idea of managed services. Thus MSPs should approach companies using BYOD and/or cloud file sharing/syncing strategies and explain how they can offer the Cleversafe/Mezeo solution on an affordable, flexible managed services basis to improve security and reliability of file share/sync operations without unduly taxing internal IT staff.

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