BeyondTrust Releases PowerBroker for Windows 5.5

BeyondTrust announced this morning the release of its PowerBroker for Windows 5.5, an identity management solution that will allow customers to more effectively manage the risk of their Windows systems by using the security context provided by vulnerability and privilege data. BeyondTrust Senior Director of Program Management Morey Haber provided MSPmentor with the scoop on how the updated solution will benefit MSPs. Here are the details.

The company developed PowerBroker for Windows 5.5 to assist managed services providers with their overall security strategy, including assessing and protecting against a system's susceptibility to attacks. The recent product release provides MSPs with the ability to use system and application vulnerability data when considering the requirements of elevated privileges for users, tasks, and applications, which may reduce help desk burdens and costs.

Haber emphasized the benefits of the integration between PowerBroker for Windows and BeyondTrust's web-based management console, Retina CS, which supports multitenacy.

"The integration between PowerBroker for Windows and BeyondTrust's web-based management console, Retina CS, which supports multi-tenacy, is an absolute business requirement for any MSP operation," Haber said. "MSPs can now offer their customers privileged identity management for Windows systems and provide targeted compliance and regulatory reporting on the status of those systems."

The update's combination of vulnerability management and privileged identity management is a new offering for the company. "In the face of a serious vulnerability or attack, the reduction of privileges is often overlooked as a remediation option," Haber said. "This new release puts that option on the table, front and center."

Haber noted that client side attacks will increase in 2013. "Attackers have proven that they're constantly able to evade traditional antivirus products and trick users into propagating their attacks." Haber added that the company will continue to develop innovative approach to manage privileges and vulnerables, as these attacks become more sophisticated. BeyondTrust announced the acquisition of Blackbird Group, a Windows system management vendor, in December of 2012.

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