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Microsoft Inspire: News Summary for Day 2 Keynote

The Day 2 keynote at Microsoft Inspire focused on the companies industry efforts and real world solutions built on Microsoft technologies by partners to address customer needs in their digital transformation.

MSP Fights to Hire Scarce Cloud Engineers

AWS Premier Partner CorpInfo’s plans to triple in size by the end of next year hinge to a large extent on its ability to find enough skilled technicians.

Big Data Experts in Big Demand

Many careers of the future will rely heavily on big data analytics experts, who analyze and report data that is ultimately used as key factors in decision-making for businesses and organizations across various industries and sectors.

3 Reasons MSPs Can’t Afford to Overlook IaaS

As top vendors seek to cash in on the high stakes IaaS market, MSPs will have to make their evaluation processes more rigorous if they want to find the right IaaS solution for their business.

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