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Three Ways Symantec’s New Endpoint Suite Keeps Your Customers Satisfied, Protected and Productive

It’s been one year since the massive Sony data breach, and in that time we have all heard about (and, in some cases, were impacted by) the millions of health records exposed at Anthem and personal identification records at T-Mobile, among countless other breaches. If there’s one trend I feel safe predicting for 2016, it’s that these types of cyber-attacks will continue.

Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience with Veritas Backup Exec 15

A contributing factor to success in business comes from keeping pace with the industry. To accomplish that goal for your customers, you have to maintain their ability to execute. Keeping their business-critical systems running isn’t optional; it’s what keeps their business afloat, the phones ringing, emails arriving, information flowing, and transactions processing­ the activities that put money in the bank.

Start Earning More Today: Introducing Symantec Secure One Partner Program

There’s no question that the security industry is still in the midst of rapid change and growth–and at the heart of it is Symantec’s unique ability to address the information security needs of your customers. We remain focused on and dedicated to preventing advanced attacks, securing information in the cloud, and using our vast global intelligence network to fuel a unified security platform designed to solve the biggest security challenges of our time with big data analytics.

Help Your Customers Prevent Data Disasters With Two-Factor Authentication

Regular news of massive data breaches makes both organizations and individuals anxious. Yet because authentication solutions interrupt the user experience and tend to be expensive, companies often still hesitate to implement strong security for consumer-facing websites and mobile apps.

Unlocking Real Value of Information: 3 Key Shifts to Consider

Managing data growth is a challenge for any organization, and finding the right storage solution is critical to running smoothly. Aside from infrastructure, there is a clear need to unlock the value of the data being produced in an efficient manner. As your customers’ trusted partner, it is up to you to deliver “right for me” solutions that address these needs.

Symantec’s DLP Solution: Three Cloud Considerations

There’s no denying cloud computing is growing in importance for enterprises. It increases collaboration and flexibility while simplifying work streams and cutting costs. But the cloud can increase the risk of data loss or theft if not properly managed. Employees may upload sensitive information to unvetted, third-party cloud vendors or respond to critical work emails from unprotected personal devices, leaving enterprise information in danger of a breach.

View from the Outside in: 5 Things Customers Look for in a DRaaS Provider

Online social interconnects have shaped organizations into operating like ecosystems. Myriad communication channels allow active and constant connections with customers and larger communities including partners, suppliers and regulatory agencies. These customers and communities depend on consistent delivery of services and critical information, and, in this interconnected business world, there’s no place to hide.

Perfect Prescription: Symantec and Prevalent Successfully Partner on Security Solution for New Jersey Hospital

Every day, healthcare professionals rely on technology to collect and store sensitive health-related data needed to deliver the best patient solutions. While this increased access to data on demand has improved the quality of care, it has also introduced an urgent need to protect patient information. It’s more important than ever for healthcare organizations to find a strong security solution that safeguards critical data.

Spring Refresh: Three Updated Symantec Marketing Tools

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time for partners to re-evaluate their marketing strategies to ensure they are getting the most out of their initiatives and campaigns before the busy summer months. Marketing remains one of the key ways that companies can differentiate their business and drive customer demand.

A Year of Transformation: 2015 Channel Predictions

Disruption is a big word in technology, and during the past year the channel has continued to evolve around newer technologies like cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things. Just as the channel has changed, so has Symantec. In 2014, we launched our redesigned Partner Program and solidified our commitment to working collaboratively with our partners to meet changing channel demands and customer needs.

Looking Ahead: Forming Effective Partnerships for Mutual Success

During the past two months, Symantec has published a series of blog posts exploring key takeaways from our Partner Engage event about forming successful partnerships. With 2014 coming to a close and the New Year approaching, now is a great time for companies to reflect on how they can better work with partners to solve customer challenges.

Partner Marketing: Working Toward Common Goals

In Symantec’s last guest post, we discussed the important role technical teams play in achieving the best customer solutions and mutual success. In this installment of Symantec’s series exploring takeaways from our recent Partner Engage event, we’ll examine how collaboration can support partner marketing to achieve common goals.

Technical Sales and Services Teams: Together is Better

In our last guest post, we introduced this blog series to explore the key takeaways from our recent Partner Engage event about forming successful partnerships. In this installment, we’ll focus on the important role that Symantec Technical Sales and Services (TSS) teams play in achieving customer success, as well as best practices for involving Symantec TSS teams in your business.

Fundamentals of Successful Technology Partnerships

At our recent Partner Engage event, a number of the Symantec Sales and Marketing leadership team members shared successful approaches to solving customer challenges together with our partners. Here on The VAR Guy, we’ll bring you the stories and actionable insights from the event that highlight how some of our partners have taken advantage of resources, tools, technologies, programs and relationships to the benefit of their customers.

Symantec Partner Program: Committed to Success

As our new CEO, Mike Brown, recently announced, Symantec is going through an exciting transition in which we’re separating into two companies: one business focused on security and one business focused on information management. This separation will enable us to focus on the market opportunity, reduce some complexity and be easier to do business with.

Helping Customers Find the Right Enterprise Mobility Solution

With the prevalence of mobile devices, work is no longer a place we go—it’s something we do. Smartphones and tablets have enabled employees to check email or edit work documents, whether at the office or on the go. Yet enterprise mobility is a double-edged sword: While devices have increased employee morale and productivity, they have also introduced challenging security concerns that place corporate information at risk.

Playbooks: The Sales Enablement Tool

Playbooks will vary from vendor to vendor, but they can help organizations spot better sales opportunities and close new deals.

Three Symantec Marketing Tools for Partners to Create Demand

As we know, marketing plays a pivotal role in driving awareness, customer demand and differentiation. Realizing that not every partner organization has the necessary time, budget or resources to dedicate to marketing efforts, Symantec offers a number of free and easy-to-use marketing tools to help our partners generate leads.

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