Company: Morris Management Partners

Job Title: Guest Author

Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris has more than 17 years experience in marketing, sales, and management in the technology industry – focused on building multi-tier channel programs and solutions. Most recently, through the research capabilities and industry access of Everything Channel, Ryan has identified and implemented best practices for business development, marketing, and sales for vendors, distributors, and solution providers.

Ryan has worked with leading vendors (including Microsoft, IBM, HP, EMC, Symantec, Oracle, Cisco, and many others) to design the “channel of the future” and develop go-to-market strategies that thrive in new market conditions. Through research, thought leadership, and executive consulting engagements, Ryan has helped to shape the core channel strategies of many leading and emerging vendors.

In addition, Ryan has been a leading voice on best practices for translating channel strategy into actual sales results through effective implementation and execution. Ryan has designed and delivered widely adopted principles for engaging product management, sales teams, and other resources to align with channel strategies.

Through face-to-face experience with thousands of solution providers, Ryan has gained a detailed understanding of the business issues facing solution providers and how to maximize their growth and profitability. For solution providers, Ryan has come to be known as one of the most compelling sources of strategy and tactics in the areas of building business models, establishing service practices, and selling in a competitive market.

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