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Adaptive Marketing Is on the Rise

As digital marketing further automates customer interactions, it will become even more imperative that technology partners and ecosystem re-think their strategy for how their services and products can reshape the customer experience.

Partners Embrace Open Agnostic Architecture of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Today, mobile users expect increased productivity, efficiency, simplicity and excellent customer service. Yet, delivering enterprise mobility is complex, with more than 80 percent of an organization’s time being spent on development, integration, security and maintenance of mobile apps.

The Future in the Cloud Is Now

It’s no surprise companies are realizing cloud is their future–and the transition to the cloud is happening now. It is changing how businesses are run and how people work; it’s changing how we communicate and share information. The economics of business will never be the same. It’s happening at an incredible speed, creating opportunity for everyone, including the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) community.

Empowering the Citizen Integrator

You may remember the emergence of end-user computing. IT had tremendous application backlogs and they weren’t being responsive to line-of-business needs. First came 4GL languages that allowed LOB users to create their own reports from databases. Next came personal computers and the productivity tools like spreadsheets. In general, the trend has been toward supporting the do-it-yourself business user. That trend is now visiting the application integration arena.

Transcending the Dark Ages of Information Security in 2016

It’s been said that aspects of our industry are living in the “Dark Ages” of security. Businesses are tied to outdated views and rely on tools and tactics from the past, yet we are surprised when chaos breaks out. Security breaches and other vulnerabilities continue to create significant disruptions to our customers’ businesses. As an industry and society, we must leave antiquated approaches behind and forge a new path as data volume and data sources proliferate.

The Critical Role of ISVs in the Era of Cloud Transformation

Companies today are in the middle of a generational shift in computing that is as significant as the shift from mainframes to personal computers. This shift to the cloud has been underway since the emergence of SaaS companies more than 15 years ago, and ISVs have been fundamental to the business growth all along.

OPN Central @ OpenWorld: What’s in It for You?

This year, Oracle invites you to discover the innovation and learning we’ve packed into Oracle OpenWorld. From technology sessions and labs hosted by industry experts and Oracle executives, to partner and exhibitor sessions, we’ve broken down barriers to get you to the source of information, faster.

Empower the Modern Enterprise with Oracle ERP Cloud

Some believe the combination of a strong sales and marketing effort coupled with a product that sells itself is an ideal state for an organization. The flip side to this, from a customer’s perspective, speaks to the strength of having the right product at the right time. Now, what if we state that such a product exists today and more than 1,000 customers have purchased it–just in the last two years? Is that possible?

Going Mobile with the Cloud

Many of you have been following Oracle’s recent announcements around the Oracle Cloud Platform and have realized that empowering IT to deliver mobile applications is a key priority for us. Mobile computing is also a high priority for most of our customers.

FY2016: It’s Time to Embrace and Grow with the Cloud

Businesses today are operating in a world of disrupt or be disrupted. The cloud has lowered the barrier to entry to adopt new technologies that can accelerate how companies keep up with this rapid pace of change.

Oracle FY16 Global Partner Kickoff: Are You Ready to Pivot to the Cloud?

It’s no news that the cloud market is accelerating quickly and becoming a key element in delivering IT services. Companies need fast and flexible IT systems, and cloud offers significant advantages compared to traditional on-premises data center services. With this cloud adoption also comes a shift to software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), and it’s imperative cloud providers become experts in these spaces.

How to Open a Conversation with a CFO about Finance and HR

How do you open up a conversation with a CFO about finance and human resources? The best VARs know that a product pitch is the absolute wrong place to start. C-suite executives don’t care about your product. They care about their business, and what you can do to help them. Your job is to uncover what their challenges are, and then recommend ways to overcome those challenges.

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