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4 Gamification Strategies You Can Use to Take Your MSP Business to the Next Level

Right now, everything from customer service departments to the latest digital marketing strategies are being designed around getting more people to engage with a brand, not just buy from it. Companies are trying to get customers, prospects and even their employees to engage, and it is paying off rich dividends in the form of better brand awareness. Gamification is one of the best ways to engage people. So how can your cloud-based file sharing service use it to its advantage? Let’s take a look!

MSPs: Moving Small Businesses to the Cloud

As an MSP it’s easy to understand why a small business would benefit from cloud services, unfortunately it’s not as clear to the small businesses why the cloud is good for them. Here are a few points you should address when selling your cloud services to small businesses.

The State of the Cloud 2015

Cloud technologies and services such as cloud-based file sharing are at or moving towards the forefront of today’s IT world. But some of the information we found may be surprising even to a knowledgeable MSP. Using data from a CDW report on all things cloud computing and a survey conducted by RightScale, we have selected some important facts and figures on the current cloud landscape.

Top 5 Cloud Adoption Barriers

Although cloud adoption is on the rise, with 35 percent of all IT services being delivered by cloud according to a CDW report, there are still many concerns from both private businesses and the public sector. The hesitancy toward adopting cloud services and cloud-based file sharing can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, but there a few barriers that stand above the rest. These are the top 5 cloud adoption barriers and what MSPs can do to move past them.

Why MSPs are Failing Compliance Tests

Regardless of how efficient your cloud-based file sharing infrastructure is, having proper compliance is still essential. If you’re the type of ambitious managed service provider (MSP) that plans on introducing your services to highly-regulated industries like healthcare, banking, or retail, compliance becomes even more important.

Use of Cloud Service Brokers on the Rise

Gartner predicts that by 2016, 25 percent of enterprises will secure access to cloud-based services using a cloud application security broker (CASB) platform, reducing the cost of securing access by 30% in the process. Traditionally, when an enterprise is looking to make a transition to cloud services they go on search to find an MSP that meets their needs. Now however, there is an emerging role in the business of cloud services, the Cloud Service Broker (CSB), a middle man of sorts. Whether a business is looking to move applications to the cloud or invest in cloud-based file sharing, they are increasingly looking to CSBs for help.



MSPs: Sell Cloud Services like a Pro

Good sales pros understand that certain “something,” and while each has his own take on it, the underlying tactics they use are more or less the same. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.

Corporate Boardrooms are Concerned with IT Security

IT security is becoming a top concern across company boardrooms and parliaments alike. So, where does all this lead managed service providers (MSPs) and their cloud-based file sharing services?

MSPs: How to Educate Non-IT Staff

A recent report reveals that most non-IT professionals simply have no idea about data breaches and other information security threats.

MSPs: Are You Ready for The Surge in Government Cloud Adoption?

We all know that governments are slow-moving machines, so it should come as no surprise that this has held true for their adoption of cloud services and cloud-based file sharing. Luckily, for all the MSPs out there, it looks like opportunity is on the horizon. There is strong evidence of impending government boom in cloud adoption from local governments all the way up to the federal government.

The Pros and Cons of Specializing in Niche Markets for MSPs

In an increasingly competitive cloud marketplace, companies hoping to find a way in are looking towards niche markets to create a viable business. MSPs can choose to specialize for a market with growing data management needs, such as the finance or medical industries, or several smaller, emerging markets.

Are Your Cloud Data Centers Solar Proof?

As far as disaster management goes, earthquakes, floods, political instability, hurricanes and tornadoes are the usual suspects which need to be prepared against. No doubt you have taken steps to ensure that your cloud-based file sharing services are never threatened by them. But are there other, more exotic threats that are just as, or even more deadly, and which you might have failed to take into account? In this article, we are going to talk about the dark horse of disasters – solar flares.



The Rising Cost of Data Breaches

A data security research organization, the Ponemon Institute, conducted a study of 350 companies from 11 different countries that had encountered a data breach in the past year. Their findings are sobering.

Federal CIOs Need Better Cloud Support from MSPs

Federal CIOs have expressed a clear desire to adopt cloud services for data storage and cloud-based file sharing, but are hesitant due to security concerns. Yet, addressing the large-scale security needs of the government will be a challenge for managed service providers (MSPs).

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