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Stop To Consider Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock-in has long been a dirty word in the IT industry. However, today, vendor lock-in has evolved to be of major concern to end users considering a move to the cloud, and it should raise questions in the minds of solution providers as well.

Unifying Communications in the Cloud

Articulating a clear value proposition about cloud solutions is essential when it comes to selling cloud – especially to SMB or midmarket clients. Because of t

Building Your Cloud Bucket List

When it comes to cloud, it isn’t the technology that powers cloud solutions that intimidates the everyday solution provider or MSP – most work with it every day in on-

Consider the Cloud’s Silver Lining

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the end user experience in this blog. In part because of the ubiquitous access that cloud solutions provi

Build Your Cloud Tribe

As solution providers adjust their IT business models to take advantage of cloud, they often ask me about business operations and best practice strateg

Cloud Computing Is Big Business for Small Biz

The IT industry isn’t seeing eye-to-eye on the cloud just yet, but you can’t ignore the recent glut of information coming from all corners touting the benefits o