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Infrascale Guest Blog 1

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How MSPs Improve Business Continuity

When an MSP asked a large agency within the State of Maryland if it could retrieve a file from six months ago with 100% confidence, the answer was no. What if the agency had to do a full system restore? What would that downtime look like? A week? A month? Even the organization’s best-case estimate wasn’t sufficient, by today’s RPO and RTO standards.

Finding DRaaS Nirvana

The world of disaster recovery has made some quantum leaps over the last few years. Cloud computing, in particular, is helping companies of all sizes migrate applications from onsite systems to hosted environments accessible through the Internet.

Top Three Differences Between DRaaS and Bare Metal Recovery

As more and more solution providers enter the Disaster Recovery as a Service market–a market that’s expected to grow to almost $20 billion by 2020–there’s growing confusion about how DRaaS differs from Bare Metal Recovery.

Disaster Recovery Report Highlights DRaaS Adoption Roadblocks

Traditionally, disaster recovery has always been sold like “earthquake” insurance–like it’s only for natural disasters. The reality is that 75% of downtime is the result of human error–completely unrelated to natural disasters. This new reality puts businesses in a precarious position as they don’t have any way to mitigate the effects of system downtime.

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Connected Appliances

As more organizations turn to cloud-based solutions, it’s no surprise that many are using cloud-connected appliances to solve their data protection challenges. But what does the growing trend of cloud-connected appliances (hybrid cloud backup, if you’re fancy) really mean for your business? And how do these appliances enable a new approach to backup, disaster recovery and archiving?

The Real Cost of IT Complexity

IT complexity is one of the enterprise’s biggest challenges, affecting every facet of the organization–from employees to customers.

Snap Out of Complacency and Look Toward Tomorrow’s Backup

Backup is one of the unsung heroes of IT. It isn’t flashy, but it’s essential. And it is definitely not simple, especially when it comes to appliance sizing to meet data growth demands. That’s where hybrid cloud solutions come in.

The Importance of WAN Accelerators in Cloud Backup

In an increasingly crowded cloud backup market, it can be difficult to understand and compare all the options. One critical performance metric that few buyers consider is how quickly data is transferred from primary storage to the cloud.