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Networking for Lead$

As much as possible, we will always do business (and repeat business) with people we like, know and trust. Getting people to know us and like us — not to mention trust us — is the biggest challenge in finding and closing new business.

If you would prefer to send a text, reach your target market via email or rely on the web to make your business services known, STOP READING NOW. This post is not for you.

Old School Rules Still Apply When Building Your Network

The world around us is evolving. How we interact with our peers, build contacts and establish our “brand” or identity in our larger network is changing dramatically, and technology is in part to credit (or blame) for this transition.

Do This, Not That to Make Sales and Marketing Work Together

The effectiveness of any marketing effort is only as good as the cooperation and collaboration between the sales and marketing teams. This is not always as easy as it may seem. The role of the marketing team is to bring interested buyers to the table, court interested buyers and pass those buyers to sales, whose job is to bring qualified and interested buyers to transaction.

Five Reasons Your Business Marketing Fails

As solution providers, we often feel the most insane task we perform in our business might be the act of marketing. To compound matters, we have limited time, limited resources and very little understanding (if we are honest with ourselves) about why are customers respond or do not respond to our marketing efforts. What we are really doing is practicing a form of insanity.