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Managed Backup Demands FTP, SFTP Support

Managed backup services need remote FTP and SFTP support across on-premises servers and hosted storage. Here’s how CloudBerry Lab can help.

Managed Backup, Remote Management Must Converge

Most MSPs offer remote management capabilities. Many also offer backup services. Now, Cloudberry Lab says it’s time to converge those two services to maximize profits and bolster customer service.

Microsoft SQL Server Backup Market Is Calling MSPs

When it comes to the backup and disaster recovery market, it’s time for managed services providers (MSPs) to focus on Microsoft SQL Server and other databases that need protection, recommends CloudBerry Lab.

Cloud Backup: MSPs Must Demand Choice – Amazon, Google & More

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services, many MSPs are locking their customer data in proprietary clouds managed by small vendors. But what happens if that small vendor changes its channel strategy? Or worse yet: What if the small proprietary cloud provider goes out of business?