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Rumor No More: Mac Ransomware Has Arrived

Just this month, at an RSA session, Synack Research and Development Director Patrick Wardle was asked when ransomware for Mac OS X would arrive. His response was almost prophetic.
“I’m actually really surprised we haven’t seen a bunch already,” he said. “There’s a lot of naive Mac users out there that are infecting themselves [with malware].”

Partners First at OpenDNS

Whether it’s building features to help our MSP partners be more efficient, hiring new members to support MSP accounts, or getting more involved in the community with trade show and peer group sponsorships, OpenDNS is committed to living in the MSP world.

Don’t Spend Your Holidays Battling Malware

The amount of emails sent at this time of year is staggering, and even savvy users who have carefully avoided suspicious links and attachments all year are suddenly clicking on any little thing that arrives in their inbox promising a jolly good time.

Top Trend for MSPs: Per-User Billing

After an amazing week at IT Nation and HTG, event season is finally winding down. Now that all the keynotes, unveilings, networking sessions, and after parties are done, it’s time for MSPs to consider their key learnings and how it will impact their businesses in 2014.

How To Make The Most Out of Upcoming MSP Events

The next few months are chock full of events for the MSP community including the N-able Summit, HTG Q4, and of course, IT Nation. I’m very excited to be taking the OpenDNS MSP team to these conferences, and I want to share some tips on how to get the most value from these events from the other side of the booth.

Selling Security and Malware Protection

Today’s malware is different from the virus popups of years past. The new malware is written to generate profits quickly by extracting credit card numbers, banking information or pieces of data useful for identity theft. The malware does this by capturing keystrokes, tracking online activity (such as banking and ecommerce sites visited) and looking for files that contain identity information.

Protecting Customers with Network Layer Security

We don’t hear much about the devastation cyber attacks have on a small to mid-size business. But SMBs make excellent targets for criminals. In fact, the number of attacks aimed at SMBs doubled in 2012 from 18 percent to 36 percent. Here are a few reasons why MSPs should be discussing network security, or lack thereof, with their SMB clients.