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Four Ways VARs Can Strengthen Customer Relationships

Sponsored Guest Blog: There are 4 sensible steps VAR’s can implement today that will strengthen relationships with their existing customer base and increase their residual revenue. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

IT customers often struggle with support issues post sale. They often manage multi-vendor enviro

Memo to Sun VARs: Another Path to R&R (Renewals and Revenue)

When October 15, 2010 arrives, Sun’s Partner Advantage program will end. Some partners worry Oracle will take Sun support renewal contracts direct, which means partners could lose a lucrative annuity stream. Is there an alternative way for Sun partners to continue to profit from Sun’s installed base while maintaining close customer relationship

Why Top VARs Embrace ISMO Opportunities

Check in with profitable, customer-centric VARs, and you’ll discover a growing number of solutions providers leverage ISMO (independent service & maintenance organization)

Another Way for Sun VARs to Profit

Oracle’s purchase of Sun Microsystems is old news by now. And although Oracle now says Sun’s business is profitable, I believe their approach to the existing Sun Microsystems channel ha

5 Ways to Profit From Data Center Growth

Data centers are popping up across the country as a never-ending stream of new Internet applications strain the nation’s information storage capabilities. Worldwide demand for data centers is expected to

Read the Fine Print: ISMO Is a Smarter Choice

We are all familiar with 3rd party maintenance — and the premise that VARs can make additional residual revenue; however if we pay close attention to the ‘fine print’ in the programs and contracts, what really happens to the residual revenue and who really owns the customer? Are there options? What can VARs do to protect their revenue and cust