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The Cost of Cloud Adoption

It's no secret that end users are either considering “going to the cloud” or they already have.  What might surprise them is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with cloud adoption.

Mining Metering Data To Boost Revenue

You’ve certainly heard the term big data a lot recently. But did you realize it should be part of your sales efforts? Cloud computing has driven demand for self-service, on-demand usage of computing and with that, the notion of metered billing has become quite common. When offering on-demand services, it’s tempting to assume that users who self-serve don’t need sales contact, lowering the cost of serving those customers. However, that can be short sighted and result in lost revenue opportunities.

What Every MSP Executive Should Know About Contracts

Given the frenetic pace of a typical MSP executive’s day, devoting time, effort and budget to developing services contracts can often be relegated to the lower rungs of the priority list. However, contracts are a vital piece of an MSP’s business and should be treated as such.

MSP Pricing: How to Build an Effective Long-Term Strategy

Establishing a pricing approach can be one of the most daunting decisions MSP executives have to make. Price too high and get laughed out of the customer’s office. Price too low and you can leave money on the table, compromise margins and jeopardize long-term viability.

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