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The Service Provider’s Speed Imperative

Given businesses’ need for speed, their reliance on external service providers will grow—if providers can deliver expertise and services that fuel acceleration.

From Wrongboarding to Onboarding: How to Get Engagements Started Right

Onboarding represents such a critical point in the managed services engagement. It’s a time when you have to move from selling to actually delivering on your claims and commitments. Once the deal has been signed and the onboarding process starts, your clients are very eager to see you prove them right. Here’s what to do — and what not to do.

Key Performance Indicators: Tracking the Right Vital Signs for Business Health

Ongoing measurement and analysis of the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is a critical way to gain an objective understanding of what’s happening in the business and how to improve performance. However, identifying the right KPIs for your organization may not be that straightforward. Here are some factors to consider.

Truth, Lies & APIs

Service Providers should consider APIs to be core to their product offering because APIs may be the only interface a customer has any interaction with. Sure, delivering high-speed storage services or preventing the loss of sensitive information are key requirements, but enabling access for customers is paramount. Exposing these programmable windows of access opens a range of new requirements for Service Providers.

Building a Successful Sales Team: The Four Ingredients to a Winning Mix

For service provider businesses to succeed, they need an effective and dedicated sales team. Executive leadership needs to make sales a priority, build a strong team and put them in a position to succeed. To help, the CA Service Provider Center of Excellence has developed a sales recruitment and development model.

Getting Your Data Center Out of the Dark Ages

As I was in the middle of researching data center outages for an upcoming podcast, the lights went out! I feared I would be stuck capturing my ideas for the podcast on quill and parchment and there would be countless candle-lit days ahead, living like a modern day Benjamin Franklin. While I may be able to survive an hour or two without conducting my research for a podcast or watching the Jets face off against Patriots (that was painful), service providers especially cannot take power for granted when service levels are do or die for their business.

Marketing Managed Services: Are the 4Ps still Relevant in the Cloud Era?

Harvard Business Review published the results of comprehensive study and suggested that SAVE – Solution, Access, Value, and Education – is a more appropriate approach for B2B. But in today’s competitive environment, marketing cloud services is challenging, no matter what terms you use.

Don39t try to sell a Corvette39s horsepower to a Cruze buyer

Sales 101: When Less is More and Simple is Better

If you start pitching massive horsepower capabilities to a family-minded, budget-conscious Cruze prospect, you will quickly lose that customer’s interest, trust, and ultimately the business. Same thing is true for BDR (backup & disaster recovery). Sometimes “more is not more” and “less is actually more” when dealing with partners and customers.

Managed Services Deals: Pitfalls to Avoid to Win More Business

Having been working in the managed services space for years now, I continue to be struck by the fact that while many issues and opportunities are unprecedented, many times I also see history being repeated. This applies to both the good and the bad.

Often, service providers will repeat some preventable mistakes that can either torpedo deals before they come to fruition, or irreparably harm account relationships after the initial deal has been won. In this brief, I’ll detail some of the most pressing pre-sales pitfalls I’ve seen service providers hit.

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