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How Cyber-Secure Are Your IP Video Surveillance Devices?

Ask yourself: How secure is your network? IP video surveillance devices are another node on your network and need to be treated with the same care that you take to secure your wireless access points, printer connections, scanners and other traditional network-attached technology.

Beginner’s Guide to ONVIF

ONVIF was founded in 2008 by Axis, Sony and Bosch to create a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. The organization was developed to provide increased flexibility and more choices so installers and end users could select interchangeable products from a variety of vendors. In its early stages, ONVIF’s members were from the manufacturing industry. However, in recent years, membership has been opened to consultants and systems designers, systems integrators, end users and media.

The Top 5 Objections To Video in the Cloud And How To Overcome Them

The video surveillance market is a constantly evolving ecosystem, and is not immune to scrutiny. It wasn’t long ago that skeptics questioned the feasibility of–and even need for–video surveillance, save for niche or boutique applications. Trailblazers forged ahead, and an industry was born. Now, there is another intersection in the video surveillance market: to cloud or not to cloud.

The Benefits of IP Video Surveillance

Didn’t make it to Interop last month? Not to worry. While you did miss out on the light sabers, here’s the lowdown on the product information and thought leadership Axis Communications demonstrated at the conference, as well as links to resources and more.

Industry-Leading Sales and Marketing Support? We’ve Got That. And More.

In today’s performance-rewarding environment, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of true partnership: trust, commitment and support. When integrators join the Axis Channel Partner program, they get more than just a partnership with the leading experts in network video. They get world-class support and access to numerous benefits.

Need IP Surveillance? Axis Has a Solution for That

Axis knows that you are busy, and researching video surveillance options can take some time. That is why we continuously work to bring you complete solutions from vendors you trust. Between Axis solutions and our integrated partner solutions, we aim to cover your customers’ IP video surveillance needs. Whether they are migrating from analog-digital, installing a new small system, adding onto an existing enterprise system or looking for a specialized system, think of us as a complete solution shop.

How To Take Your IT Expertise to the Next Level

Did you know? IP video surveillance is a fast-growing industry, set to quickly grow into a $23 billion industry from a $12 billion industry in 2012, according to IHS CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment- World-2013 Survey.