Autotask: Go Big, Go Global, And Tweet All the Way

Autotask: Go Big, Go Global, And Tweet All the Way

Autotask TwitterI'll be at the Autotask Community Live conference starting March 29, but news slated for the event is starting to leak out on Autotask's Twitter feed. Here are three Autotask tweets that caught my ears (actually, my eyes).

First up, Autotask Go! is generating record sales so far this year. Go! is Autotask's professional services automation (PSA) software for one to three users. During the Autotask conference, I hope to get a feel for the percentage of Go! adopters that ultimately leap to Pro.

Second, Autotask back on March 4 apparently launched one of the company's "biggest and most important product updates" to customers. I don't have details (yet). I'm speaking with CEO Bob Godgart on March 24 -- but I suspect most of the conversation will focus on big-picture trends rather than specific product launches.

I'll be sure to ask Godgart about the third tweet that caught my ear: NetEnrich veteran Prakash Chaudhari apparently has joined Autotask and is representing the company in India.  MSPmentor shared Chaudhari's views in January 2009. Our continuing Asia coverage notes ongoing managed services momentum in India.

Apparently, the PSA market is growing fast enough to support the individual ambitions of Autotask, ConnectWise and Tigerpaw Software. Anecdotal evidence and chatter from all three companies seems upbeat in the down economy.

Still Attracting A Crowd

Finally, here's one MSP trend Autotask hasn't tweeted about yet: Despite the recession, all of the major managed services vendor conferences (Autotask, ConnectWise, Ingram Micro Seismic, Kaseya and N-able) appear to be moving forward this year -- a strong in vote of confidence in the MSP sector.

If you're a vendor hosting an MSP conference and I failed to mention you, please don't flame me. Instead, simply post a comment and let our readers know where and when your event will be held.

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