AT&T Pushes Deeper Into Managed Services

AT&T Pushes Deeper Into Managed Services

AT&T Managed Services and Remote Infrastructure ManagementGenerally speaking, the only time I think about AT&T is when I'm paying my iPhone cellular service bill. But I'm keeping a close eye on the company's new AT&T Remote Infrastructure Management service -- which represents a massive managed services initiative. I'm not suggesting big telecommunications companies can push aside smaller VARs and MSPs, but AT&T's managed services have four components worth noting.

According to an AT&T press release, the Remote Infrastructure Management service is available in the United States and on a case-by-case basis globally. The service's four key components, according to AT&T, include:

  1. AT&T will design, deploy and maintain a customer's servers, storage and network infrastructure devices. Customers can select from three  levels of server management and monitoring support all backed by AT&T's service level agreements.
  2. AT&T will manage a company's environment remotely and make "house calls" on premise to install, repair or upgrade equipment — even if that premise is a third-party data center.
  3. Companies can access AT&T reporting tools that show the status of servers and systems across their infrastructures through real-time alerts and performance reports on AT&T's BusinessDirect portal.
  4. Companies can also combine AT&T Remote Infrastructure Management with other managed services delivered from AT&T Internet data centers (IDCs) for enhanced capabilities such as load balancing applications across both an AT&T IDC and a customer-owned data center.

Land of the Giants?

My big question: Is AT&T Remote Infrastructure Management designed purely for global 2000 companies? Or will the service push down into small and midsize businesses?

I've got a call into AT&T seeking more information, and will keep you posted. In the meantime, it's clear that AT&T and Verizon Business (see our ongoing coverage) are accelerating their managed services efforts.

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