Time for MSPs to Enter App Stores

Time for MSPs to Enter App Stores

Apple iPhone App StoreMy original iPhone recently met an untimely death (it's a long story) so I've made the move to the iPhone 3G. At first, I was unimpressed. Then I started spending some time in the iPhone App Store.

I downloaded an RSS feed manager and a Twitter client. Hundreds of additional free -- and paid -- applications await me. Now, Google (Android Market) and Microsoft (Skymarket) are preparing app stores for their own mobile platforms, notes Mike Elgan -- an old pal of mine over at ComputerWorld.

How will these emerging app stores impact managed service providers? Here are some clues.Let's start with a simple example: Autotask's LiveMobile application, which allows MSPs to manage their businesses while working in the field. LiveMobile runs on Windows-driven smart phones.

But it's easy to imagine a day when MSP-oriented applications (from a range of developers) are widely available from the Apple iPhone App Store, Google Android Market and Microsoft Skymarket. And it's safe to say that the Google Android Market will work closely with Google Apps and Google's new Chrome Web browser.

The day will come when each of the app stores offers highly specialized shopping sections. We'll see vertical market applications. We'll see localized applications designed for specific regions. And we'll see MSP dashboards running on all sorts of devices.

Spend some time in at least one of the app stores, and you'll see how tightly written applications are changing the face of mobile computing.

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