Net Optics Acquisitions Target Network Monitoring, Analysis

Net Optics, which develops network monitoring solutions, has made two acquisitions in an attempt to expand its global reach and provide its customers deeper and more insightful network reports. Specifically, Net Optics acquired TripleLayer (an Australian technology distributor) and TripleLayer's sister company nMetrics (a network and application software provider).

"Our vision with this acquisition was to help our customers increase network access and consolidate tools to achieve a monitoring architecture that delivers end-to-end visibility and lower cost," Net Optics CEO Bob Shaw said in a prepared statement. "We also wanted to provide our customers an opportunity to scale their overall network performance and security."

Net Optics isn't wasting anytime releasing its first integrated solution, appTap, designed specifically for remote and branch business offices. According to Net Optics, appTap combines "total network visibility" with the insight, stats and analysis capabilities businesses need to fully understand the ins and outs of their network infrastructures.

Apparently, Net Optics is building the foundation for a new suite of monitoring solutions -- featuring application performance monitoring capabilities, diagnostics that support security and service level agreements (SLAs).

Net Optics also gains TripleLayer Founders David Britt and Steven Urquhart, along with the company's full staff. Britt will head production, design and innovation for new products, while Urquhart will lead Net Optics' APAC sales team.

Net Optics didn't say specifically where it plans to expand geographically, though Australia is the obvious first target given TripleLayer's existing footprint.

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