Dell Promotes MessageOne As Managed Service

Dell Promotes MessageOne As Managed Service

Dell MessageOne Managed ServiceAnd so it begins: Dell has started promoting MessageOne as a cost-effective managed service for corporate email. But it's unclear how, when or if managed service providers (MSPs) will be able to join Dell's MessageOne party.

Dell acquired MessageOne in February 2008. But so far, the company has been slow to articulate how MessageOne will meld with Dell's other managed services platforms -- particularly SilverBack Technologies and Everdream.

Dell is hosting a Webcast on September 4 to explain its MessageOne technology and strategy for corporate customers. But the invite directly targets corporate customers and partners don't appear to be an area of focus for this particular event.

In Dell's defense, it's natural for a company to segment its audiences -- frequently targeting corporate customers without tossing in some partner messaging. And Dell Channel Chief Greg Davis in August 2008 told MSPmentor that it was a bit premature to discuss Dell's partner strategy for MessageOne.

Nevertheless, Dell's MessageOne messaging to corporate customers has started.

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