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Symantec Reorganization, Layoffs: 6- to 24-Month Journey

Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) CEO Steve Bennett announced a new company strategy today — and it will include middle management layoffs through June 2013. But the word of the day for channel partners is patience. The reason: Bennett says it will take six to 24 months for an overall reorganization (involving 10 key areas of focus) to complete. Here’s why.

ViaWest Answers Compliance Needs with Enhanced Reporting

Compliance may not be quite the hot topic it was a few years ago when regulations like HIPAA and SOX came into being, but it's still of critical importance to many businesses — and particularly to their customers, who would generally prefer not to have their personal information lost or intercepted. In the cloud, data center and managed service providers are continuing to build out their libraries of compliance and attestation reports.

AVG Unveils CloudCare 2.1 at CES, Tops 1,000 Resellers

More than 1,000 resellers have signed up to use AVG CloudCare to manage customer endpoints. With that milestone, AVG is launching an update of CloudCare. The 2.1 launch takes the small business IT management platform another step forward with additional protection, flexibility and management enhancements.

Unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, CloudCare Version 2.1 has several enhancements, including: