Will Small Business Server Move Into the Clouds?

Will Small Business Server Move Into the Clouds?

Small Business Server (SBS) CloudIn recent weeks, I've been promoting the concept of hybrid services -- where part of a solution remains on-premise and another portion is hosted in a cloud. But Doyenz is putting a slightly different spin on the situation. The Seattle-based start-up, which appears to have a quiet relationship with Kaseya, wants to shift virtualized Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) and other Microsoft applications into the clouds. Here's how.

First, let me preface this entire blog by stating that I'm not sure if Doyenz's technology even works. But apparently, several VARs have already signed onto the service -- which blends managed services and virtualizated applications with cloud services. MSPmentor's sister site, TheVARguy.com, offers a closer look at Doyenz.

While MSP software providers like Level Platforms and N-able promote their ability to manage on-premise SBS customer deployments, Doyenz wants to shift virtualized SBS and other Microsoft applications into the cloud.

Kaseya In the Plumbing?

What really caught my ear is the following: Apparently, Doyenz has some sort of relationship with Kaseya. To be sure, Kaseya has a strong position in the on-premise managed services market. But in recent months, Kaseya has been formulating its software as a service (SaaS) strategy -- while Kaseya partners like VirtualAdministrator and SecureMyCompany have launched hosted Kaseya services of their own.

I don't sense that Doyenz wants to be another hosted managed services platform. Rather, the company is much more focused on virtualized applications combined with cloud services. Still, I hear Doyenz is somehow leveraging Kaseya's technology as part of its overall business strategy.

Also of note: Doyenz isn't striving to build a virtualized application cloud on its own. Instead, the company is wisely directing its VARs to launched virtualized applications on open, industry standard cloud platforms (such as Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud).

My discussion earlier today with Doyenz will likely be the first of many with the company over the next few months. Stay tuned.

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