VMworld 2012: Asigra Touts Big MSP, Cloud Backup Wins

Asigra, which provides cloud backup and recovery software to MSPs, touted some big partner and customer wins at VMworld 2012. The list included NTT America, Terremark and Virtacore Systems -- a major VMware, Cisco and Google partner. Here's the background.

Admittedly, some of the Asigra wins weren't "new." But Asigra successfully communicated the bigger story at VMworld -- describing how the 26-year-old company empowers small, midsize and large MSPs. And many of those MSPs have been pushing into cloud services.

Asigra's strategy was particularly effective because so many MSP-centric backup and disaster recovery companies skipped VMworld. Plus, a lot of the MSP-centric solutions cater to smaller MSPs, while Asigra has largely engaged MSPs of all sizes. The company's latest win, Virtacore Systems, is a cloud services and IaaS provider.

Overall, it sounds like VMworld was a successful show for MSP-oriented companies that increasingly focus on cloud services partnerships.

Rob Bissett, VP of product management at 6fusion, a cloud broker, shared some background chatter with me during our mutual wait for a red eye flight last night. Bissett has been in and around both the MSP and CSP markets for about a decade. Some of his thoughts parallel anecdotal survey data that VMware shared at the conference: 96 percent of attendees said cloud computing is a real option today or will be a real option soon. Only 4 percent of attendees said the cloud is a long way from being viable.

Admittedly, the data is likely skewed positively toward the cloud, since most VMworld attendees already focus on virtualization... the early stepping stone to cloud services.

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