TechlabCloud No Longer Hosting LabTech Software

Techlabcloud founder Kevin Carlson says his company has stopped hosting LabTech managed services software to VARs and MSPs. I'm checking in with Carlson to see if Techlabcloud will offer alternative solutions. When Techlabcloud -- originally called LabTechCloud -- first launched I saw the business model's promise but openly wondered if the business relationship between LabTech and Techlabcloud could be a win-win. Here's why.

Frequent readers know that I typically root for entrepreneurs -- especially those who start technology companies that serve small businesses. So I hope Carlson's business pursuits -- either with Techlabcloud or The I.T. Answer (his other company) -- perform well. But from where I sat, the original business relationship between Techlabcloud and LabTech software seemed risky for both parties. In many ways, LabTech and Techlabcloud were competing for the same audience -- potential first-time LabTech customers... LabTech focused on-premise and TechlabCloud focused on hosted.

According to Carlson, getting Techlabcloud off the ground proved more difficult than expected because Labtech would "sweep up customers from under us." More recently, it sounds like Techlabcloud considered hosting PacketTrap MSP, owned by Quest Software, but Carlson sounds wary of pursuing another partnership. In email I've asked Carlson if he plans to march forward with Techlabcloud in some new format or if he'll focus full-time on The I.T. Answer.

Separately, I've reached out to LabTech Software to see if the company has any plans to launch its own hosted service. I'll let you know what I hear.

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