TechInsights Report: Success in Cloud Means Increased Speed of Innovation Photo by austinevan. Licensed under Creative Commons.

TechInsights Report: Success in Cloud Means Increased Speed of Innovation

New research from a CA Technologies-sponsored report asks the question: "Now what?" The report indicates cloud has moved beyond adolescence and is on the path to maturity.

Cloud is a success. If you doubt it, take a look at the name of this website. But what's next? That's the question CA Technologies asked in a recent TechInsights report written by Luth Research and Vanson Bourne. The study aimed to examine how cloud computing is being used, the problems or success being encountered, and how its use has changed as IT teams gain more experience with it.

According to respondents of the survey the report is based on, cloud has moved beyond its adolescence and is on the path to maturity. The respondents, all IT decision-makers, reported they are achieving better results, faster deployments and lower costs than expected due to cloud implementations. The report, available for download on CA's website, confirmed that cloud is delivering on its biggest promises related to cost savings and accelerating time-to-market, but it's also exceeding expectations.

"Going in, we expected the results to be much more balanced between successes and challenges across a variety of deployments and service models," said John Michelsen, CA Technologies CTO, in a prepared statement. "Surprisingly, survey respondents were pleased with their cloud computing initiatives, which validates that the cloud is not just a fad, and instead they are focusing on making the most of it to drive innovation, speed and performance."

A few of the key findings from the report include:

  • Larger organizations are leading the way. They've been in the cloud longer, and they are more likely to use IaaS, PaaS and SaaS within their organizations.
  • There are mixed thoughts on security. Although 98 percent of respondents indicated security met or exceeded expectations and almost one-third said security has been less of an issue than previously thought, it might be fair to say that organizations are still a bit paranoid. Forty-six percent of respondents cited security as the No. 1 reason why particular applications are not moved to the cloud.
  • IT decision-makers with more experience plan to increase their cloud spending at a faster rate. Companies using cloud for four or more years are nearly six times as likely to report they are planning to increase cloud spending by more than 30 percent in 2013.
  • With experience comes wisdom: The report found that experienced cloud users recognize the need for IT management to ensure future success. For those who have been using cloud for a few years, there were three key IT management areas they found critical to success: end-to-end service automation, service-level management across cloud and non-cloud environments and the ability to switch between cloud providers.
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