SaaS: Google Launches Priority Inbox

It’s not exactly an enterprise feature, but it’s so useful you might love it anyway. Google has launched the beta of Priority Inbox for Gmail, giving users the option of using a trainable filter that puts the messages that are most important to you at the top of your e-mail morass. Here’s some insight.

Once enabled in Google Labs, Priority Inbox puts a “plus” or a “minus” on every message, letting you rate how important it is. If you’ve ever used a Tivo remote to approve or disapprove of a TV show, you’re on the right track. Priority Inbox also guesses what’s important to you based on who you most message or how many you reply to.

Google has a full walkthrough of the offering, but once it’s learned that you most like e-mails from your boss and your mother, they float to the top of your inbox. Non-prioritized messages sink to the bottom for your later perusal, and starred items sit in the borderlands.

It’s available for consumers now, but those brave enough to enable pre-release features on your Google Apps Premier Edition accounts will get it next week, according to the Google Enterprise blog post.

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