rPath Develops OpenStack Compute Appliance

rPath endorsed the use of OpenStack, the open source cloud platform, a few months ago. Now the automation solution specialist is backing up its endorsement with a new, free solution to help businesses deploy and upgrade OpenStack easier and quicker than ever -- the rPath OpenStack Compute Appliance.

"OpenStack has a ton of momentum behind it, and we want to be involved," rPath Vice President of Product Strategy Shawn Edmondson told me. "The goal here is to make the product [OpenStack] more efficient and showcase rPath's technology. We're doing this free for the community."

rPath is donating time and technology to the OpenStack team, so that OpenStack can develop a test cloud based on equipment from Rackspace, another company with which rPath has close ties. "We've been talking with Rackspace for quite a while," Edmondson continued. "This has been in development for a few months. Now we've handed the project off to the OpenStack people."

So what's in it for rPath? Both Edmondson and rPath Chief Marketing Officer Jake Sorofman agree that showcasing rPath's technology through OpenStack development is a huge benefit. Both would also like to see an increased use of rPath technology as OpenStack adoption builds.

The potential end result? "Ultimately, we want to be able to stand up an entire cloud with OpenStack," Edmondson said. rPath will also benefit from the candid feedback it will get from open source developers who use the rPath OpenStack Compute Appliance to manage and deploy their applications. rPath will take that feedback into account when developing future solutions.

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