Reflexion Taps Purewire for SaaS-based Web Security

In the security market, vendors continue to partner up to seal off as many attack vectors as possible. The latest example: Reflexion Networks and Purewire Inc. have taken the latter approach. Reflexion this week expanded its service lineup into Web security, through a partnership with Purewire Inc.

Reflexion originally offered managed e-mail services and later branched into e-mail archiving, discovery, and recovery services. The company, which sells exclusively through the channel, now offers its solutions providers Reflexion Web Security, which is based on Purewire’s SaaS-based technology. The service includes Web threat protection, compliance enforcement and reporting.

Reflexion targets the small and medium business market with its Web and e-mail security combination.

Scott Barlow (see FastChat Video), VP of sales and product management at Reflexion, said Web and e-mail security have become increasingly intertwined in light of how malware writers deliver they payloads. Malware is now delivered via Facebook and Twitter, for example, he noted. The e-mail side comes into play when Web-borne threats install bots that cause local PCs to deliver spam.

“We needed a more of a holistic approach and protection for customers and for SMBs specifically,” Barlow said.

“A large number of customers demand on [Reflexion] for e-mail security and we can add a complementary service into that network,” added Mike Van Bruinisse, president, CEO and co-founder of Purewire.

Van Bruinisse said Pureware plans to further integrate its offerings into platforms MSSPs use to run their businesses. The company sells through channel partners such as MSSPs and VARs.

Barlow said SMB demand for hosted security services is fairly high at the moment, noting that smaller firms have the same security problems as enterprises but lack the resources to combat every threat. He said Reflexion plans to add additional security services, with e-mail encryption next on the list.

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