International MSP Software Companies Prepare U.S. Moves

International MSP Software Companies Prepare U.S. Moves

MSP software providers in Europe and New Zealand are preparing U.S. initiatives. The separate efforts involve Europe's CentraStage and New Zealand's Naverisk. I'm still gathering details about CentraStage's strategy but I've just received an update about Naverisk's moves. Specifically, Naverisk has launched a freemium offer to U.S.-based MSPs that want to try the remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. The question: Even with a free price tag is there really room for another RMM tool in North American markets? Here are some educated guesses.

According to CEO Jon Kalaugher, Naverisk is a 100 percent web-based RMM software platform available via the cloud or as an onsite (local) install. The company, launched commercially in 2009, was founded by Kalaugher, a former MSP owner.

Naverisk is privately held but Kalaugher says Naverisk is "considering funding options in 2011 to further grow the business."

To gain U.S. momentum, Naverisk has launched a free six-month trial of its on-site software. Moreover, Naverisk has partnered up with Autotask to offer RMM-to-PSA (professional services automation) integration. Longer term, Naverisk is preparing to announce an integrated online backup solution partnership.

Quality Counts

Generally speaking I think MSPs are open-minded folks who simply want solutions that work. So if Naverisk has truly built a reliable, innovative platform the company could gain some attention in the U.S. market.

Still, there's entrenched RMM competition across the North American market. Off the top of my head I can think of half-a-dozen RMM platforms that have 500 or more MSP partners in the U.S. Plus, most of those RMM providers have established U.S. support teams. And more potential competition -- from Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Intune -- could arrive in 2011.

Even so, companies like Naverisk and Europe's CentraStage are preparing RMM moves in the U.S. market. CentraStage  develops a SaaS-based remote monitoring platform. According to one tipster at the company, CentraStage is offering a U.S. trial of the SaaS service now. I expect to speak with CentraStage later this week and MSPmentor will be sure to stay in touch with Naverisk, too.

On the flip slide many North American RMM software companies are making moves across Europe and Australia. Several of the industry's best-known names regularly host user group meetings and educational events in both regions.

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