HP Unveils Hybrid Cloud Delivery Solution For Enterprises

HP Unveils Hybrid Cloud Delivery Solution For Enterprises

Fresh from the Hewlett-Packard lab is the new "HP Hybrid Delivery" solution that's designed to "make the cloud enterprise grade." Translation: government and large businesses can now leverage the cloud while also meeting the strict security and performance requirements. What's in store? Read on for the details...

HP is aiming their new solution at "Instant-On Enterprises," which they describe as enterprises "where everything and everyone is connected" at all times. The hybrid approach for the enterprise cloud is supposed to handle integration issues, along with security problems that can crop up from traditional cloud services. Though the press release is light on details, HP is vowing that their new "HP CloudSystem" (which is part of the HP Enterprise Cloud Services) will be delivered via a "private cloud as a service" from all from HP's data centers.

Apparently, the solution to enterprise cloud is trusting your cloud to HP. The trade off is that you'll be building your cloud on HP's Converged Infrastructure along with other HP solutions, both hardware and software. Once deployed, you can continue to build and integrate systems, manage your services, while also managing physical and virtual infrastructure components. HP CloudSystem also supports HP CloudMaps, which provides automatic optimization of resources for cloud services.

Coupled to the CloudSystem is Cloud Discovery Workshop, a physical workshop, taught by "seasoned HP professionals" for the best paths and methods of leveraging the cloud based on your specific needs.

Sound like the right choice for you? You can check out all the new services here. VARs and MSPs should note that since this is based on HP's Converged Infrastructure, there may be channel play in reselling services down the road, though there was no mention of it in the release.

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