Google: Forget Patch Tuesday, Embrace App Tuesday

Yesterday, as most people know, was Patch Tuesday, the day when Microsoft releases security updates for their products into the wild. Well, true to recent form, Google took it as an opportunity to take another dig at their rivals in Redmond, calling it “app Tuesday” and highlighting the fact that MSPs don’t have to worry about patching Google Apps -- ever.

“Does a certain Tuesday each month feel like the movie Groundhog Day, where you find yourself going through the same firedrill with no end in site[sic]?” asks Kevin Gough, senior product and marketing manager, Google Enterprise in his blog entry.

Like all software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, Google Apps and the hundred-plus third-party apps in the Google Apps Marketplace that integrate with it require no user intervention for updates. It’s all handled server-side, and even major feature updates can appear without your noticing.

And speaking of Google Apps Marketplace, Gough took the opportunity to plug social layer Kwaga, newsletter manager Mailchip,, enhanced administration layer Promevo, and workflow manager Viewpath -- all of them able to be integrated with Google’s platform, and all of them patch-free.

Gough’s blog indicates app Tuesday will be a recurring feature, and interested parties can follow the conversation on Twitter with the #apptuesday hashtag.

Microsoft hasn’t really replied to Google’s PR campaign except to announce major customer wins -- and while I think Gough makes some excellent points about the cloud, it really comes down to making the sale.

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