Google Apps Migration: Officially Big Business?

It’s common knowledge that managed service providers can leverage multiple tools during a Google Apps migration. But now, we're starting to spot quite a few upstarts that are betting their businesses on Google Apps migrations and Google Apps-to-Microsoft Office integrations. Here’s a quick look at Cloud Technology Solutions and OffiSync, two companies with very different approaches to helping MSPs go Google.

The UK-based Cloud Technology Solutions is a Google partner that specializes in moving contacts, calendars, and other data from Microsoft Exchange or Novell GroupWise to Google Apps Premier or Education editions. While Cloud Technology Solutions says they can handle client migrations themselves, they also offer their Cloud Google Migrator software tool for sale separately.

Interestingly, Cloud Technology Solutions offers a holistic approach to support with their Google Guides Program, which advocates training a small, select group of end-users and letting their newfound knowledge disseminate through the office, which the company claims reduces load on IT staff.

On the other hand, you have OffiSync, which is built more around integration with Google Apps rather than full migration. At a base price of $12/user/year for the premium edition, Microsoft Office users can leverage OffiSync to open Google Docs files as if they were stored locally, save them to the cloud, open files from any other device, track edits, collaborate, and even perform Google searches from within the toolbar.

OffiSync is also available from the Google App Marketplace in both its free and premium varieties. If you think OffiSync sounds a lot like recent Google acquisition DocVerse, well, you're not alone. It remains to be seen how Google will handle that situation when they roll out DocVerse functionality, but I wouldn't bet on OffiSync's continued listing in the app marketplace.

MSPs haven’t yet figured out how exactly to make money on software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Google Apps. But tools like may offer  potential paths to profitability.

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