Is Geek Squad's Friend Your Enemy?

Is Geek Squad's Friend Your Enemy?

Geek Squad photoThe Geek Squad is providing managed online backup services through a company called Data Deposit Box. Now, Data Deposit Box is seeking resellers to support its online backup services. Will any managed service providers take the bait?

According to Data Deposit Box, the reseller program is "the first of its kind in the online storage industry." That's quite a lofty claim, considering how many online backup providers service the MSP sector. The company goes on to say that resellers working with Data Deposit box will be able to "more efficiently manage billing, reporting and administration for their customer accounts."

Admittedly, I haven't taken a close look at Data Deposit Box's solutions. I'm curious to know if MSPmentor's readers will give Data Deposit Box's reseller program a look. If it's good enough for Geek Squad, is it good enough for MSPs?

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