Dome9 Adds Cloud Security Groups for Multi-Cloud Environs

Problem: You're a cloud integrator, and you're trying to help a customer protect a bunch of different cloud servers hosted by a bunch of different cloud service providers. A potential solution comes from Dome9 Security, which has added a feature it proudly calls Dome9 Security Groups to its namesake cloud firewall security management solution.

The real value proposition of security groups, which Dome9 boasts is an industry first, is that policies can be set across "an infinite number of servers and clouds," rather than on a per-server basis, according to the press release. To use Dome9's example, administrators can set SSH-on-demand for any SQL server. Add any number of servers to any number of security groups, and it inherits its policy settings from the group profile.

Zohar Alon, Dome9 Co-Founder and CEO, explained the value proposition of these security groups in a prepared statement:

“With Dome9 Security Groups, it’s easy to provide users the access they need, while simplifying cloud security management within and across platforms and cloud providers. No other cloud security provider offers this kind of consolidated management – centralized security management not just across servers, but across clouds. Dome9 has pioneered the centralization and automation of cloud security, and our new Dome9 Security Groups showcases our continued innovation and leadership.” 

To echo Alon's sentiment, Dome9 really has been a big proponent of the concept of automation as key to cloud security. This upgrade to its cloud firewall tool potentially could save a cloud service provider a lot of trouble. If you're interested, Dome9 offers a 14-day trial, with pricing of around $20 per cloud server managed per month after that.
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