Do Start-Up MSPs Prefer SaaS and Hosted Options?

Back on Aug. 19, we asked MSPmentor readers the following question: If you were launching a managed services provider (MSP) from scratch, what type of RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation) tools would you embrace? Although it wasn't a scientific survey, 345 readers participated and most said they'd leverage pure SaaS (software as a service) options rather than on-premise options. Here's a quick look at results.

Question: If you were launching an MSP from scratch, what type of RMM and PSA tools would you select?

  • 54% of readers said entirely SaaS/hosted
  • 28% of participants said they'd use a mix of SaaS/hosted and on-premise options
  • 18% said they'd embrace options that were entirely on-premise/in their offices
Again, this wasn't a scientific survey. And I wonder if the results would vary by region. For instance:
  • Some Australian MSPs I met during a trip down under in 2008 expressed little near-term interest in SaaS because of regional broadband issues.
  • Plus, I wonder if responses would vary by size of MSP. For instance: do larger MSPs prefer on-premise options for their NOCs and business operations?
I don't have firm answers. Only hunches... But I'd love to hear what readers think in terms of SaaS adoption patterns within MSPs.

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