Do Small Businesses Understand Cloud Computing?

Roughly two-thirds of small businesses have never heard of cloud hosting, according to a survey conducted by Rackspace. Frankly, I think the data is a bit misleading. And James Urquhart, market manager for Cisco's Data Center 3.0 strategy, has a few opinions on the survey as well. Here are some perspectives.

In a blog posting on CNet, Urquhart offers the following observation:

"...what this survey shows is not that small businesses have failed to grasp cloud computing, but that "cloud hosting" providers have done a terrible job of marketing to that segment."
I agree fully. Small business owners are not familiar with all of our industry jargon: Managed services, cloud computing, SaaS, virtualization, and so on. Most small business owners simply know they need a partner to host their Web site, host their email, potentially host their CRM and so forth.

Translation: Small businesses know they want an off-site partner to host their systems. But they may not connect the dots between a traditional hosting provider and new jargon like cloud hosting.

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