Cloudsoft Showcases Monterey Middleware Platform at VMworld

Cloudsoft Showcases Monterey Middleware Platform at VMworld

Cloudsoft LogoCloudsoft, a cloud mobility solutions developer, evangelizes "middleware as a cloud enabler," according to Cloudsoft Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Alex Heneveld. Cloudsoft believes that its Monterey Middleware platform can simplify the complexities that enterprises face once they move beyond traditional web applications. At first glance, Monterey is for software developers that want to design applications that dynamically extend across multiple machines, locations and clouds. But a closer look makes us wonder if managed services providers (MSPs) will consider Cloudsoft for their own public and private cloud initiatives.

Heneveld -- along with Cloudsoft CEO Duncan Johnston-Watt and newly appointed Cloudsoft Chief Evangelist Adrian Cole -- have  taken their middleware platform to Sin City for VMworld 2011. The goal? Spread the word about the challenges associated with large scale applications across the cloud and educate the enterprise about effective approaches to middleware.

"Our focus is on software and middleware for enterprises to take advantage of the cloud, no matter if its public, private or hybrid," said Heneveld. Monterey provides web application developers with a guide to partition workloads and determine the right places to run each workload." The difference between Cloudsoft's Monterey Middleware platform and other middleware, according to the company, is that Monterey has an imbedded set of capabilities called Intelligence Application Mobility that does three things other middleware platforms don't.

  1. Create a software overlay network across several machines, locations and clouds to form an Elastic Process Fabric;
  2. activate applications that can flow across the Elastic Process Fabric when needed; and
  3. combine real-time monitoring data with user-defined polices to make sure each application is in the right location.
Jcloud Adoption

Most recently, Cloudsoft brought Adrian Cole into the fold to work with a team of Cloudsoft investors interested in driving the widespread adoption of Jclouds -- a cloud design that specializes in web development, print and graphic design, and photography. "We've been heavy users of Jcloud of the past year," Heneveld said. Cloudsoft is also at VMworld to find out what role its Monterey Middleware platform can play in VMware's Cloud Foundry, which VMware totes as the industry's first open platform as a service. Heneveld was a consultant to VMware during the VMware vCloud Express program.

"Different users have different concerns," Cole said. "Large financial services companies, for example, need to get to over 20 location around the world, and they need processing that is all linked up." No doubt, some MSPs face similar challenges with their own cloud projects.. You can find a Cloudsoft guide to incorporating application mobility here.
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