Cloud Computing, Managed Services to Drive IT Growth in 2013

Demands are always counterbalanced with concerns, especially with regards to cloud computing, big data and mobility. CompTIA, a non-profit association for the IT industry, recently released its IT Industry Outlook 2013, revealing a strong demand for technology, while also acknowledging caution in the industry. Here are the details.

CompTIA’s forecasts project a growth rate of 3 percent for the global IT industry in 2013. The forecast for the U.S. market, however, is slightly lower at 2.9 percent on the low end, potentially reaching 4.9 percent. Managed services providers (MSPs) should concern themselves with the following trends driving growth in 2013:

  • Technology trends to watch -- CompTIA reported that technology will continue to transition from a supporting tool to a strategic driver. Mobility as we know it will become a way of life for both employees and customers. Companies will begin taking cloud computing for granted.  And the "big data" trend will force companies to review data practices, opening an opportunity for MSPs to reevaluate data opportunities with clients.
  • IT channel trends to watch -- Managed services (nothing but good news) will be upping the game. Specialization will cause those in the IT industry to tackle growing markets. Convergence will create "strong bedfellows," according to the company.
CompTIA's report was based on an online survey of 518 IT industry companies conducted in late December 2012. For growth estimates, the organization used a consensus forecasting model. More can be found on CompTIA and the organization's initiatives on its website.
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